Flight Indicators jQuery Plugin

The Flight Indicators Plugin allows you to display high quality flight indicators using html, css3, jQuery and SVG images. The methods make customization and real time implementation really easy. Further, since all the images are vector svg you can resize the indicators to your application without any quality loss !

This project is hosted on Github : https://github.com/sebmatton/jQuery-Flight-Indicators

Attitude example

This is a simple example showing an attitude indicator with pitch of 3 degrees and roll of 8 degrees. As you can see, the size can be chosen to be as big as you want since we only use vector graphics (svg). For this example size was set to 350 pixels.

var first_attitude = $.flightIndicator('#first_attitude', 'attitude', {size:350, roll:8, pitch:3, showBox : true});

Realtime indicators

This example shows a real time application for each type of indicator.

The code of this example is quite simple. The html :

<span id="attitude"></span>
<span id="heading"></span>
<span id="variometer"></span>
<span id="airspeed"></span>
<span id="altimeter"></span>

And the javascript :

// Dynamic examples
var attitude = $.flightIndicator('#attitude', 'attitude', {roll:50, pitch:-20, size:200, showBox : true});
var heading = $.flightIndicator('#heading', 'heading', {heading:150, showBox:true});
var variometer = $.flightIndicator('#variometer', 'variometer', {vario:-5, showBox:true});
var airspeed = $.flightIndicator('#airspeed', 'airspeed', {showBox: false});
var altimeter = $.flightIndicator('#altimeter', 'altimeter');

// Update at 20Hz
var increment = 0;
setInterval(function() {
    // Attitude update
    // Heading update
    // Vario update
    // Airspeed update
    // Altimeter update
}, 50);